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If you want to make your own crossword puzzles this site is for you.

Play the crosswords (xwords) that other people have created or make your own crosswords.

You can make crosswords for anyone visiting the site to play or set up a special crossword to be played by your friends.

The xwords website is unique compared to other online crosswords, as it doesn't use Java but has been created with and Javascript.

Playing Crosswords Online

Playing crosswords online is free for anyone

We have printable crossword puzzles so play online or print off. To print an xword click on the pdf icon under each crossword.

We have lots of types of crosswords

  • Cryptic Crosswords
  • Seasonal Crosswords
  • Entertainment Crosswords

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Making Crosswords

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crossword puzzle help

Tips for creating your xword

  • Check for spelling mistakes - use our Crossword Dictionary
  • If you are stuck for a word to fit in a particular gap in the grid then try our word finder for lots of words that'll fit
  • Make sure your anagrams are correct
  • Don't use anything offensive or libellous
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